Divesanddollar – Bored with plain white tiles or colors between gray and beige? Perhaps you are tired of trying to determine a variety of design choices based on what you think might be good for your guests. The following brilliant ideas prove that the kitchen does not need to be conventional, even more fun if you can arrange the space exactly as you want. Please explore and let each of the supporting elements of the design satisfy your desires in terms of color and creativity.

1. Geometric backsplash
If your kitchen is neutral in color and there are no other elements that stand out, backsplash can be a way to use bright, bold and eye-catching colors and patterns. The geometric design of mosaic tiles or careful painting will give a simple and abstract appearance.

2. What’s behind the shelf?
Instead of the top cabinet, you can use paste shelves and paint the back wall with bright colors. Pair with the color of the entire kitchen wall to make it look perfect.

3. Chevron pattern
The simple chevron pattern looks very fresh and pleasant in bright colors, commensurate with the color of the wall paint.

4. Chalkboard wall
Black chalkboard walls combined with pastel color walls and wooden kitchen sets look clean and simple, but also very useful. You can write the standard size of ingredients or recipes on the wall of the chalkboard.

5. Written concrete
This kitchen uses a concrete backsplash that can be used to sketch, doodle and list anything. Pair this wall with concrete floors using the same finishing so you can also let the children draw on the floor.

6. Magnetic wall
Stainless steel refrigerators are very common in modern times, so there is hardly any place left for posting notes, postcards, and children’s artwork. Why not install a magnetic board in the kitchen instead? This metal plate looks cool and only needs a little creative touch.

7. Wallpaper
Patterned wallpapers provide a more attractive appearance in the kitchen than ordinary paint. For patterns, try the tricks like the picture above with matching wallpaper patterns with a nearby dining chair pattern. For the backsplash area near the stove or sink, you should protect the surface with glass or special finishing.

8. Blend of colors and patterns
Instead of your creativity having to be limited by the use of colors or patterns, isn’t it better if you can combine the two? This creative kitchen is a mixture of warm light blue behind the top cabinet and yellow patterned wallpaper that is bold on the backsplash. Cool, isn’t it?

9. Back-lit technique
Adding back-lit to your kitchen backsplash will create a modern look and maintain a simple decoration because it emits beautiful light and shadow into the room. This trick is also right for a small kitchen space because the reflected light will glow around the room, creating a more spacious space.

10. Refrigerator & wall accents
In this tiny kitchen, a small light blue fridge tucked neatly in the closet gap. To get an attractive appearance, pay attention to matching colors on the wall accents behind the top cabinet, dining chair, and lamp fixture.

11. Zigzag linoleum
Who doesn’t like using simple and super cheap linoleum tiles? Put tiles in the two colors of your choice in a zigzag pattern and not a straight line. In this kitchen there is a blend of zigzag pattern tiles with geometric backsplash.

12. Checkered paint floors
Bored with the old kitchen floor, but the budget is limited to replacing new ones? It’s a smart and frugal trick to outsmart it. You can paint the kitchen floor with a checkerboard pattern, but don’t use classic black and white, but choose bright color alternatives like yellow and white.

13. Press-tin ceiling
The pressed-tin ceiling design idea combined with a wooden cabinet can be a creative solution for an elegant kitchen look.

Well, what creative touch do you like to perfect your kitchen?